Pork means flavour, aroma, identity. It is the hallmark of Spanish cuisine and an essential part of many food cultures.A delicacy packed full of goodness…which can be cooked in countless ways.
At Grupo Jorge, we have been focusing on producing the best pork for almost a hundred years. Our commitment to quality and innovation have made us leaders in sustainable production and in the export of our product to the whole world.
‘Pork, a world to discover’ is a tribute to the different culinary cultures to discover how the fruits of our labours are consumed and enjoyed in the different countries in which we operate. A documentary series with a first season of five chapters, starring five internationally recognised chefs. A gastronomic journey from Japan to Mexico, passing through China and France until reaching Spain. An explosion of aromas, rhythms, ingredients and flavours.
A delicious journey through these world cuisines where their chefs pay homage to one of Spain's most outstanding products: pork. Discover their stories, accompany them at the stove and take note of their recipes.